오늘밤 이 신문은 누군가의 이불이 됩니다.

노숙인들이 없는 연말을 만들어주세요. 대한적십자사.

Copy: This paper will be someone’s blanket tonight:

Help the homeless. Red cross korea.


Only a large blanket image is fully printed on the entire spread page of newspaper.Copy:
This paper will be someone’s blanket tonight:Help the homeless. Red cross korea.Proceeded by Youngnam Daily Newspape
r.(This was the first case of two-sided full page provided for pro bono in the Korean newspaper history.)

 첫 회 적십자사를 홍보하기 위해 제작된 이불 신문. 지역신문으로는 사상 유례없는 파격적인 지면 할애와 신선한 아이디어로 수많은 문의전화가 걸려왔다.

'Paper blanket' to promote Red Cross Korea. Large numbers of phone calls from all over the country was received for after this ad.





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