서울특별시 이순신장군 가림막


문제: 40년전에 세워진 이순신 장군상은 균열과 녹으로 인해 파손의 위험때문에 보수 수리 공사를 받게 된다. ( 201010 ) 도시 외관을 민감하게 고려한 서울 시청에서는 이순신 장군상의 보수 공사기간 중 장군상이 있던 자리에 설치될 사각형의 공사 가림막을 훌륭한 예술품으로 변신시켜 시민들에게 이순신 장군상의 부재에 대한 허전함을 달래 주기를 이제석 광고연구소에 의뢰한다.

해결:  공사 가림막을 탈의실을 연상케 하는 그래픽물을 설치해 이순신 장군상의 부재에 대한 이유를 위트 있게 설명했다.

결과: 서울의 가장 상징적이고 권위 있는 문화 예술품에 저지른 이 장난스러운 공사 가림막 디자인에 서울 시민들은 놀라움을 감추지 못했으며 대한민국의 거의 모든 주요 언론사에서 이 옥외 광고물에 대해 크게 보도했다. 매년 연 780만명의 관광객들이 방문하는 유명한 명소인 서울을 찾은 관광객들에게도 큰 문화적 충격을 줬다.



Problem: The statue of Admiral Yi Sun-shin had to undergo repair work after 40 years since its erection due to serious cracks and rusts.  While it was taken away for restoration, the absent space needed to be covered up with construction boards.  Seoul Department of City Planning, taking the city’s appearance in great consideration, plans to apply a creative idea to the boarding turn it into a work of art.

Solution: A graphic installation, which looked like a change room, was installed on the construction boards in order to describe the absence of Admiral Yi Sun-shin with wit.

Result :Seoul citizens were surprised at the site of such unconventional measures taken by the authoritative and conservative state institution.  Not only did this outdoor installation gain a great amount of mainstream media coverage but it also received acclamation from tourists across the globe, whose number exceeds more than 7.8 million per year.  This project is regarded significant in Korea in that the most uncreative people took the most uncreative subject from the most uncreative location and turned it into the most creative work.


* Admiral Yi Sun-shin statue: Admiral Yi Sun-shin is one of the most prominent figures in Korean history who protected the nation from foreign attacks during the Joseon Dynasty.  He is also found on the 100 won (Korean currency) coin.

The statue of Yi Sun-shin was built in 1968 to honor his achievements.  It is considered the most important symbol of Seoul – like Paris’ Eiffel Tower or New York’s Statue of Liberty – and receives much love and respect from its citizens.

*Gwanghwamun Square, Seoul.  It is built in the heart of Korea’s capital where the presidential office of Cheongwadae (Blue House) is only few kilometers away along with major state institutions also located nearby. It is also a place where Korea’s mainstream media, corporations’ administrational institutions are clustered and where most of protests happen.

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스크린샷 2014-01-02 오후 3.05.26.png   스크린샷 2014-01-02 오후 3.05.31.png   스크린샷 2014-01-02 오후 3.05.46.png

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